Shé:kon sewakwé:kon,

Today John Harding and I, representing a group of community members delivered an official request for information to All MCK elected officials as well as certain other individuals holding administrative positions responsible for some of the information sought. We also did this, in good faith for all community members seeking answers and change for the future. On a personal note I wish to once again express that I am not doing this under any motivation toward political aspiration but rather to carry out my responsibility to our ancestors, elders, our children and those yet to come. One day, perhaps I will meet my great grand children and I will know that at the very least, I made efforts to leave them something better than what we started with. We can no longer continue to operate in the status quo, a system that sees us fail time and time again, a system that sees us divided at every corner. It is time for serious change and I do not mean yet another kick at the cat which keeps us in the same vicious circle. I hope that we can all come together, traditional or not, no matter our beliefs or religion, we have a lot more in common at the root than what divides us. Let’s work together for a charge toward true change.

The following are the facts from June 30 2020 regarding the service of the document:
At 09:59, we arrived at the Band office where the Tuesday MCK meeting was being held and rang the bell. We were greeted shortly after and explained we needed to see the council and that they knew that we were coming. I note that I tried to get us added to the meeting agenda for a 5 to 10 minute period to present a written request for information. This was denied.
At  10:05, Valerie Bonspille came out the front of the band office and told us they were taking a break. I serve her the copy of the request for information and gave a brief explanation. She thanked us and told us that Serge Otsi Simon denied us entry to their meeting but that they would be coming out for break. She also told us that Serge Simon had gone out the side door of the band office for his break.
At 10:06, Garry Carbonnell came out and he was served with a brief explanation. He thank us.
At 10:07, at the Side door of the Band office, Serge Otsi Simon was sitting on the steps smoking and looking down at his phone. He didn’t look up at us.  I greeted him and he still did not look up. I handed him the document which he was reluctant to take but did. He said: “You Know guys if this is about the land claims, I’m not allowed to tell you anything.” I explained that the document was self explanatory and that there were also other issues being addressed as well as land claims. I said that hopefully they can look at it today in their meeting and that they had 10 business days to respond. He put the document down on the step and continued looking down at his phone as if our matter wasn’t of importance to him.
At 10:09, Outside of the Health Center we served the request to Patricia Meilleur, Christine Meilleur, Leona Bonspiel annd Marie-Claude Bernard. I gave  a brief explanation and they thank us. John Canatonquin was inside, I asked if someone would be willing to get him, Leona opened the door and he was sitting in the board room. He came out.
At 10:10, we served John Canatonquin with the request for information as well as a brief explanation.
At 10:12, we returned to the band office and served Victor Bonspille with the request for information and provided him with a brief explanation.
At 10:13, we serve Dakota Simon, president of the Health Center’s board of the directors with the request for information. I provided him with a brief explanation. He was rather enthusiastic and pleasant.
At 10:15, we serve Bruce Montour a copy of the request for information and provided a brief explanation.
Each individual member of council was served independently their own copy of the request because they were all elected individually to serve the people of Kanehsata:ke and they are each individually responsible to carry out those responsibilities. It is up to all of them to make their decision to answer or not to the people.
Please let us know your thoughts, publicly or privately as we know that a lot of us live under fear of reprisal and employment loss.
Niawen tanon Skennen.
Here is a PDF of the document served for your review.
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